Brief History

The History Study Program is one of the study programs under the Department of History Education. Its existence in the LPTK was born after IKIP Yogyakarta as one of the leading LPTKs received an expanded mandate to provide study program both educational and non-educational. In this regard, a non-teaching study program was opened for disciplines that have an educational core. Likewise, the Department of History Education proposes to be allowed to open a non-educational History Study Program. The History Study Program was established with the establishment Decree No. 141/DIKTI.kep./2000 dated May 12, 2000. Seven years later, the accreditation was issued from BAN PT with a B value as indicated in the SK BAN PT. 011/BAN-PT/Ak-X/S1/V/2007. In the second accreditation, the History Study Program received an A grade, which was indicated by the SK BAN PT No. 025/BAN-PT/Ak-XV/S1/VIII/2012. With an A Accreditation score, it guarantees that graduates from the History Study Program could compete to get jobs in various government and private agencies.