Vision & Mission



Realizing a reputable study program in Southeast Asia by 2025 in producing experts in the field of history who are competitive, creative, innovative, and sustainable, and capable of dealing with the challenges of the times.



1. Producing experts who are knowledgeable, competitive, creative, innovative, and professional in History.

2. Organizing education that promotes a national perspective and religious moral dimension in the field of History.

3. Developing innovative and high-quality current research in History, especially in the field of cultural History.

4. Organizing Community Service to practice science for better and more meaningful community life.


Objective of study program

1. Demonstrate professionalism, integrity, inclusiveness, and ethics of public administration that impact the state and society;

2. Apply good governance in public sector organization;

3. Implement ideas related to public administration to make an impact on the society;

4. Analyse policies for public sector problem solving;

5. Implement social development that has an impact on community welfare.