Fasilitas Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta en

The students could access some facilities provided by UNY, they are:

  1. Computer Center  http://puskom.uny.ac.id/fasilitas
  2. Digital Library http://e.library.uny.ac.id/
  3. Counseling Guidance Service http://upt-lbk.uny.ac.id/
  4. Health Services https://www.uny.ac.id/layanan-kesehatan
  5. Sports Facilities http://gor.uny.ac.id/node/4
  6. Language Center http://p2b.lppmp.uny.ac.id/
  7. Career Development Center https://ppk.lppmp.uny.ac.id/
  8. UNY Plaza http://bppu.uny.ac.id/plaza-uny
  9. Food Court http://bppu.uny.ac.id/unit-usaha/food-court
  10. Consulting Services and Legal Assistance http://lkbh.uny.ac.id/
  11. UNY Press http://unypress.uny.ac.id/
  12. Integrated Service Unit http://ult.uny.ac.id/