National Seminar on Historical Science Student Association 2021

       National Seminar is a routine agenda of the Research and Development Division of the Historical Science Student Association (Himpunan Mahasiswa Ilmu Sejarah or HMIS) Faculty of Science UNY. As a prospective historian, a student is required to enrich his/her references. Therefore, this National Seminar is used as an event to provide a forum for students and the general public to enrich knowledge in the historical field. The 2021 National Seminar carries the title "Spice Routes and Decolonization Efforts". According to Muhammad Raflisyah (Rafli), as the organizing committee of the National Seminar, in his remarks, "The choice of the theme of this year's seminar was carried out with consideration of existing historical trends by supporting the ongoing program of the Ministry of Education and Culture by proposing this spice routes as a cultural heritage route."

       The spice routes, which was once victorious in its time, had both positive and negative impacts. "The spices we had at that time in the Banda Islands even made it worth one Manhattan Island over there in New York. This is one of the gifts as well as a disaster for the archipelago for the behavior of Westerns in controlling spices," added Rafli. A brief description of the theme raised in the National Seminar was then further elaborated by speakers who were qualified in the fields of history and spices. These speakers include: I Gusti Agung Anom Astika,   Dr. Abd. Rahman Hamid, M. Si, dan Prof. Bambang Purwanto, M.A.

       The virtual National Seminar received quite high enthusiasm from the general public. Many people participated both through the Zoom platform and HMIS UNY YouTube channel. National Seminar this year received appreciation from the Faculty of Social Sciences for bringing "something" new before the main event took place. The new thing is reading poetry with deep appreciation, so that those who watch it seem to be able to feel the atmosphere and situation when the Spice Routes was victorious in the midst of colonialism.(Fatimah Nabila Azzahro)